android battery saving tips

1. Turn off Live Wallpaper.
Live wallpaper does look beautiful would be deplete Batrei tp

2. Choose wallpaper dark colors / black
black colors will require the energy flow is smaller than the
bright colors.

3. Select a color theme louncher dark / black.

4. Choose the level of the lowest of lighting displays.

5. Use a little mingkin Homescreen
The more homescreen will burden the processor and ram.

6. Use widgets to a minimum (choose who is considered the most important)
a growing number of widgets will increasingly many applications running
in the background, shingga who will spend much ram Batrei will to power as well.

7. Non Enable all animations.

8. Use a 2G service (turn off 3G)
Mobile will always look for the network continuously, if we
was not in a good mobile phone network will put
slalu energy to search the network.

9. Still nothing to do with point 8
Mobile Put in place where the signal is received well interchangeable.
if the very low signal strength is better positioned on the flight mode.

10.Usahakan use Aplication that have black background.
Example: chat -> Trillian
browsing -> UC browser (night mode)
Facebook -> TweetDeck
sms -> hancentsms (with a black theme)
explorer -> astro / root explorer
etc. ..

11.more selective in installing applications that will run if
in the background.

12.Non Enable Auto sync on the application or minimize the time interval
in sync. probably the usual 15-minute intervals pake in setting back
be 1hr or even longer.

13. Turn of GPS, WIFI and Bluetooth is not required kl.

14.Turn of Vibrate profile and reduce the ringing sound. Shakes and the large volume of
ring clearly requires considerable energy.
But how kl we need shakes at certain moments?
during the field work for example. tp at the moment was at home course
we do not require vibration or loud noises.
Automate the solution just by installing the Auto Switch Profile,

15.Turn of Internet data connection when not needed.
By installing APNdroid, Or Juice Defender (free in the market)
but I personally recommend installing the Green Power Premium
for those who really want to save batrery! (try looking at the night market)
lightweight but complete application.
with this application we can set how many minutes / hours skali connection
data is open and how long the connection is open, this application has a mode
night, so at night we have set the time of this application
will disable all services enable data connections.

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