How to Root Android Galaxy tab with easy

I think that Galaxy Tab is the best Android tabletsat this time. Applications from the Android Market and elsewhere make it more functional, and have root access will certainly make it better.
then root access is something you might want on your Tab Galaxy. as long as you feel comfortable with the warranty applicable. There are ways to unroot for stock recovery image (if you have been doing flash for a custom ROM) to cover up traces of your actions if you feel the need to send your device to be repaired, but there is no guarantee that you'll get away with a valid warranty. In other words, rooting is not the action that is not entirely risk-free and anything you do is up the risks and responsibilities of your own.
There are many ways for rooting Galaxy, but I think the easiest way is to use the application z4root. Here's how to use the application z4root on Galaxy Tab:
1. Download applications from the Android Market z4root then install on your Tab Galaxy. or can be downloaded here :
2. USB Enable debugging on the Galaxy by pressing the Menu button then select Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging
3. Run the application z4root and press the "Root".
4. Do not panic when you restart the Galaxy, because this part of the process.
When the Galaxy fully finished booting, you will not get any confirmation about successful or not. Everything will look exactly the same as before. Z4root Now run the application again and you will see this:
If you do not believe the Galaxy Tab-rooting you on, try to locate the application Superuser. Surely you will find it.

good luck

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