WidgetLocker Lockscreen- lock so exciting

when we want to unlock Android phone screen, you will definitely find some icons that whether it is shifted laterally, downwards, or simply in tap twice to activate the touch screen. But unfortunately, this view is generally that's all alias can not be personalized.

using the application WidgetLocker lockscreen this can be overcome. This application offers more than just changing the look lockscreen. We can add various widgets and shortcuts into it. Not only that, we can also menggonta-dressing theme of his lockscreen we like, like Iphone, Motorola, HTC, or all of them though. The default we will be given six themes. If you feel less, you can still download it.

Features (from Android Market) :
- Drag and Drop placement of Sliders, Android Widgets and App Shortcuts
- Sliders look selectable from built-in styles (Android, Sense, Motorola 2.2, iPhone, and Android 2.0 Rotary) or from user-themes.
- Slider Actions can be customized, for example Slide-to-launch-Camera or Slide-to-call-your-Girlfriend.
- Resizable widgets and custom grid size
- Notification badges on apps/sliders via ADWNotifier ( http://t.co/LDKMQii )
- Customize which widgets/buttons are allowed or blocked at the lock screen
- Optional Easy Wake Mode, allows all hardware buttons to wake, rather than just the power button (Does not work on all phones)

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