Coming soon Smurfs’ Village for android

Smurfs’ Village for iOS hasbeen on Apple’s Top Grossing chart in the App Store since its launch, and now Smurfs’ Village will come for android, meybe this game will be on the top list in the Android Market as well.

Papa Smurf directs each player on how to build up a village with specialized houses, gardens, crops, bridges, and paths. What’s neat is this game is free to play, with Capcom making its money through in-app purchases of premium currency Smurfberries, which models the same type of approach you’d find on a game like FarmVille.

this game running at Android 2.2 and up will have access to this game, details of exactly which devices are meant to be seen, as the app becomes available tomorrow.

and the soon to be released Smurfs’ Village. Smurfs’ Village has been ranked as the number one top grossing app in 62 countries and consistently places in the top ten grossing apps worldwide.

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