A Space Shooter for Free

for Game maniac this game very cool to play, this game require quick reflexes, tons of skill, and a small center in your brain for masochism. A Space Shooter for Free fills all the needs of anyone who enjoys punishing games by easing up a little bit on the difficulty and ramping up the mullet-shaped humor.

We are taken into the void of space by Commander P. Jefferson with only one objective in mind – killing aliens. There are no grey spots in Jefferson’s humorous vengeance against the aliens, only a black and white dichotomy: humans are good, aliens are bad. Luckily, vertical scrollers are built perfectly for this type of genocide.

Gameplay and graphics are smooth and detailed. I noticed some slowdown during gameplay, which is a bad fault for any fast-paced game, but this was only when I had multiple applications running (and on my RAM-lacking Xperia Play).

see demo

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